Me and my fellow swedish buddy Zaggatar ( ) told me about how his gorgeous unicorn gal Gwen could use her magic to sprout another cock. One thing led to another and we ended up discussing if my bunnygal Amy could fit both in her mouth. > u > I ended up saying “Possibly.. but it would probably be pretty  damn difficult to draw “ 

It ended up being pretty damn difficult to draw, (And to really sell it I think I would’ve had to dislocate the jaw and stretch the mouth almost twice as much) but it was a lot of fun! Tried some looser stuff on this one so it didnt take me as long.

Now make sure to check out Zaggatars fantastic work! c:

I thought I’d slap some fast cel-shading on an old sketch I had lying around. I kinda got carried away tho and finshed it up more than I had  planned!

Twi doin some kinky shiz with restraints! Meant to be consensual if anyone is curious.

I tried a more equine look for the face in this one because I’ve been trying to figure out a way of drawing anthro equines. Not sure how i feel about it but next time I draw ponies they’ll prolly look more pony!

There are a bunch of areas in this image that I’m not too pleased with.. but I could probably make an entirely new image in the amount of time it’d take me to fix it up haha. Better correct it early on next time! OTL

I also tried doing jizz & wetstuff variants because that’s something I want to learn!

Updated with futa versions!